29th August 2019

Woodlice are from the class Crustacea are grey/brown and adults are approx. 15mm long with a characteristic shielded surface similar in appearance to a slated roof, hence the common name of ‘slaters’ in some parts of the country. Other common names are ‘cheese bugs’, coffin cutters’ and ‘monkey peas’, ‘sow-bugs’ and ‘pill-bugs’.  Whatever you know them as Woodlice are harmless feeders upon rotten wood or other vegetable matter in cool, damp areas. They typically live underneath stones, clumps of plants, logs, or doormats, from which they may crawl into dark corners of a house.

Woodlice are harmless to man; they do not breed indoors.  If found inside they will not survive for long but if they do this could be a sign of damp which needs addressing.  Control inside is best achieved by cleaning also improved proofing by sealing potential entry points from outside should be attempted (i.e. external door thresholds).  To help prevent further invasion from the adjacent garden removal of vegetation, piles of log near to external walls of house.

No treatment is not generally required or recommended.

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