What is your “Score on the Door”?

What is your “Score on the Door”?

12th January 2011

With many local councils now joining the Scores on the Doors scheme where members of the public can find the local authority hygiene ratings for food businesses it is now even more important to ensure that food premises have pest control in place to increase your score.

The Scores on the Doors Scheme aims to motivate food businesses to raise food safety standards by naming and shaming the good, the bad and the ugliest places to eat. See their website at http://www.scoresonthedoors.org.uk/

The control of pests, such as mice, rats, flies and cockroaches, is a crucial aspect of a food premises overall hygiene.

To increase your score we work with you to improve standards and at same provide a friendly but professional quality pest control service.  For food premises we carry out 8 routine site visits per annum. During our routine visits we will report on housekeeping, hygiene and proofing issues.   We are also able to supply and install fly screens for windows and doors and supply and maintain fly control units and advise on best siting of the same.

So protect your reputation and bring in more customers by increasing your score, phone us today for a quotation on 0118 972 4895 or we can survey your premises whether you have an existing pest problem or require our services to maintain an already pest free environment.  Do not let pests cause you problems and ruin your business.

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