There will not be many wasps this year!

There will not be many wasps this year!

27th June 2012

Unfortunately (from a pest controller’s point of view) due to the weather this year there will not be many wasps this summer.

As we had a very warm and sunny Spring this encouraged new queens from hibernation. Then in May and June the low temperatures, downpours and high winds came at a crucial time in the wasps’s lifecycle.  Either the new queens perished and drowned or were unable to forage for food for their new nests, causing their nests to fail.

There are however a lot of bees which is a good thing.  We course do not treat bees (solitary, bumble or honey) as they are a beneficial insect.

See interesting article in the Telegraph recently see “The pleasant sting in the tail of this summer’s poor weather – fewer wasps”.

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