Pest Control for Landlords: where to begin

12th August 2019

Whose responsibility is it to organise pest control if you’re a landlord or a rental property tenant? Have a read of our latest post to get the answers to your pest control in Reading questions.

Pest Control for Landlords

Before a tenant moves in, it’s the landlords’ responsibility to make sure the property is fit for habitation, which means no pests should be present. After the tenants have moved in, it’s still generally accepted that the landlord is responsible for ensuring the property stays pest-free. However, if you find yourself with a pest problem that was caused by a tenant either by not keeping the property clean and not taking rubbish out (causing rats to flock to the property) or a flea infestation (through them owning a pet) then it is their responsibility to undertake pest control or cover the costs.


In the event of pests…

When you find yourself with a property that has been compromised by rats, insects, or flies, it is always best to seek pest control in Reading. We at Vermatech specialise in commercial pest control and help you to ensure that your property continues to meet the health and safety recommendations set out by governing bodies. We work closely with letting agents and property managers to solve your pest control needs whether you’re simply seeking to maintain a pest-free environment or have a problem you need to overcome.


The importance of pest control for landlords

Ensuring that your tenants move in to a pest-free environment is highly important, because otherwise they could choose to take action against you. This also helps set a high standard that is easy to compare against should any pest problems arise in the future, as long as you can prove that they were not present when you had control of the property. If you are currently encountering a pest problem, it’s best to get this sorted ASAP, and for your records the team at Vermatech will document all of the work carried out so you have a reliable paper trail of the proceedings.


We deal with:

  • Rats
  • Cockroaches
  • Wasps
  • Mice
  • Ants
  • Flees
  • And other common household pests


Book Your Pest Control in Reading

We happily service Reading and the surrounding areas, including parts of Oxford and Slough. Pest control for landlords is very important and we handle each property visit with efficiency and professionalism, so you know our services will always be high-quality and attentive. Contact Us today or call us directly on 01491 628 200.

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