4th August 2014

Pest Control – Fleas and Flea Infestations


Vermatech Pest Control - fleas and flea infestations
Vermatech Pest Control – fleas and flea infestations




Adult fleas are parasitic insects they feed on warm blooded animals, in domestic environments this will usually be a cat or dog.  Cat fleas are more common than dog fleas.

Although fleas cannot easily live on human blood that does not stop them trying, especially if for some reason the usual hosts are not available. Fleas in the environment start looking for alternative meals.

Fleas are visible to the naked eye are red-brown and easily recognisable as have a flatish body with long legs designed for jumping!

Flea infestations can quickly escalate; for example a female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day!  Flea eggs often fall off their host and hatch wherever they are in the house, which is why we treat a whole property for fleas.  Because of the flea life cycle only a small amount of fleas will be on your pet, the rest will be in their environment as eggs, lavae and pupa.

Flea eggs can lie dormant for up to one year, they do this when a food source is not available i.e. empty houses and it is vibration and heat detection that alerts them to a new food source.

Signs a of a flea infestation:-

  • Flea bites – different people react differently to flea bites, both in terms of reaction and time taken to react.  Flea bites can cause intense irritation around the single puncture bite spot in the centre. Bites are usually lower leg area and often appear in clusters/rows.
  • Pets scratching
  • Black flecks in pet’s fur (i.e. flea poo which contains about 90% of the protein from the original blood meal)
  • Seeing fleas on your pet, on yourself or in your home.

How to prevent a flea infestation:-

  • Always ensure your pets are regularly treated for fleas by products available from your vet.
  • Fleas hate vacuum cleaners! So thoroughly vacuum on a regular basis all living areas including furniture and areas where pets sleep paying particular attention to wall/floor junctions. Ddispose of the contents of the vacuum cleaner including the bag if any in an external bin.
  • Regular wash pet bedding on a hot wash

We provide a professional service for the control of a flea infestation. Please phone us on 0118 972 4895 for a quotation.

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