Don’t let rats run riot in your garden – contact us today

1st January 2019

Do rats like living in your garden?

Rats in garden - Vermatech Pest Control
Rats in garden – Vermatech Pest Control

To try and prevent attracting rats:-

  • For advice regarding bird feeding please see RSPB’s website
  • Raise sheds at least 25cm off the ground
  • Maintain gardens to keep possible shelter to rats to a minimum
  • Don’t leave rubbish lying around the garden. Put it in the bin
  • Keep rubbish in your wheelie bin with the lid down. Do not leave side waste out
  • Don’t put food waste (including egg shells) in your compost bin,
  • Place high gauge wire mesh under compost heaps to keep rats out
  • If you keep chickens take in feeders overnight
  • Secure any gaps beneath your external buildings such as sheds, decking or garages with galvanised wire mesh

However, if it is too late and they have already moved in and you are regularly seeing rats or evidence of them, i.e. burrows, excavated soil under sheds, runs (rats will use the same route which smoothes the soil giving it a shiny appearance) or droppings, you may choose to use our services.   Telephone us on 01491 628 200 to arrange a 3 visit treatment from £180 inc VAT.

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