Wasp nest

Wasp nest

17th May 2010

We have a wasp nest in our shed!  At the moment (16 May 2010) the queen wasp is a very hard working single mum; she has to build the nest and look after her young.  As you will see from the photograph the nest is quite small about the size of a golf ball.  The queen is constructing her nest from chewed up wood mixed with salvia which she makes into a paste (a bit like paper mache) she then builds her nest layer by layer.  When her young hatch they will take over the building of the nest and foraging of food for the wasp grubs. The nest (if left untreated) will grow rapidly throughout the summer months.

Queen wasp building her wasp nest

At the moment, unless you can actually see the wasp nest, you will probably not know it is there.  During the summer months when activity increases you may spot a steady stream of wasps coming and going from one area.  It is best to leave treatment of wasp nests to the experts as wasps will know when their nest is under attack and defend it. So don’t get stung this summer give us a buzz on 0800 781 4059.  We charge £45 plus VAT to treat a wasp nest.

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