Wasp Nest Treatment in Reading

Vermatech Pest Control know how stressful finding a wasp nest in your home or workplace can be, attempting to remove a wasps nest on your own can cause danger to you and others around you; our fully trained pest control experts offer you a safe and efficient was nest treatment service in Reading. We provide wasp nest treatment in both domestic and commercial buildings, this effective solution will eliminate wasps by treating the nest directly with low risk to you, your family and pets.

Identify your wasp nest

In order to begin a wasp nest treatment, you need to locate it. If you are spotting a noticeable amount of wasps around your house or garden then there is most likely a wasp nest nearby. There are a few facts you can use to identify a wasps nest and tactics to find the nest itself to prepare for wasp nest treatment in Reading, these include:

  • Wasps build their nests in sheltered areas such as – roof space/eaves/loft, sheds, in the ground, as well as in sheltered bushes, trees, and hedgerows.
  • To locate the wasps nest you can track the wasps behaviours, they will always return to the nest to deliver what they have gathered. Wasps will follow a direct flight path to and from their nest.
  • If you observe the wasps constantly entering and leaving a small hole in your property the nest will more than likely reside there.
  • Characteristics – nests are built from chewed wood and saliva to form a brown/cream papier mache material.

How we treat our wasps

We have an extensive knowledge of wasp nest treatments and have specialised in pest control for over 20 years. We treat the wasp nest directly into the nest with telescopic lances, wearing full equipment and protection. Wasps are a seasonal pest and are usually treated from the end of June until the end of October. Wasp nest treatments usually peak in the summer months of August and September.

This risks of leaving your wasp nest untreated

There are many risks that come with neglecting the need for wasp nest treatment, the obvious being danger to yourself and to others, including possible allergies to stings. There is however also a risk to your property – wasps nests can, in fact, lead to a number of issues including damage to wood/plasterboard; causing expensive structural problems.

Areas we serve

Our pest control services are based in Reading, however, we serve many surrounding areas, these include:

  • Wasp nest treatment in Henley-on-Thames
  • Wasp nest treatment in High Wycombe

Contact Vermatech for safe, effective wasp nest treatment

A wasp nest treatment may seem like a common and easy home maintenance task you can complete on your own. However, the team at Vermatech are professionally trained to treat wasp nests safely and efficiently, why put yourself at risk?:

  • We have professional safety equipment – Our personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment mean that we are fully protected when treating wasp nests.
  • Experience in confined places – As pest control professionals, we have experience in working in small, confined spaces such as lofts and roof spaces.
  • Unrivalled knowledge – The Vermatech team have a wealth of knowledge on wasp behaviour, helping us to keep your home or workplace free of wasps far more effectively.
  • We use only professional products – Our wasp nest treatment is carried out using highly effective products not available to the general public. Not only do these products have a proven record of working far better than shop bought options, they are far more potent than the DIY wasp treatment products you encounter.

If you require wasps nest treatment in Reading and surrounding areas then do not hesitate to call us on 01491 628 200. You can also contact us online or email us at mail@vermatechpestcontrol.co.uk for a prompt response from one of our pest control specialists.