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29th August 2019

Woodlice are from the class Crustacea are grey/brown and adults are approx. 15mm long with a characteristic shielded surface similar in appearance to a slated roof, hence the common name of ‘slaters’ in some parts of the country. Other common names are ‘cheese bugs’, coffin cutters’ and ‘monkey peas’, ‘sow-bugs’ and ‘pill-bugs’.  Whatever you know […]

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Did you know hornets fly at night

28th August 2019

Did you know …? Unlike bees and wasps, hornets fly both day and night, preying on moths and insects. They are attracted to light and if you leave the bedroom window open on warm evenings they will fly inside. You may need to turn off exterior sensor-activated security lights as otherwise they may be on […]

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Pest Control for Landlords: where to begin

12th August 2019

Whose responsibility is it to organise pest control if you’re a landlord or a rental property tenant? Have a read of our latest post to get the answers to your pest control in Reading questions.

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pest control job

Pest Control Technician Vacancy

25th July 2019

Due to our expanding work load we have a vacancy for a full-time experienced Pest Control Technician or Trainee. Location:   Reading/Maidenhead/Slough area  (please only apply if you live in this area) Salary:    £19,000 to £25,000 dependent on experience and qualifications plus productivity bonus/commission. Fully equipped Company van, Company uniform and mobile phone Ongoing CPD training […]

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Wasp nest

Don’t get stung this summer! give us a buzz – wasp nest treatments

23rd June 2019

Our domestic wasp nest treatment (and hornet nests) price is £50 plus VAT (£60 including VAT), we make a small charge of £25 inc VAT for additional wasp nests treated at the same time as the first.    NB if a wasp nest is very high and cannot be reached safely with our telescopic lances the […]

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Ants in your Pantry?

5th June 2019

We treat a number of different species of ants but the most common is the black garden ant (Lasius niger). These ants tend to nest in gardens, around footings of houses and under paving slabs favouring sandy dry soil in sunny sites. Small piles of fine earth brought up to the surface by the ants […]

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Tree bumble bees eaves

Insect of the Moment : Tree Bumble Bee

20th May 2019

The tree bumble bee (B. Hypnorum) is a recent addition to the UK’s fauna. Despite this it will already be familiar to many householders as it can be the cause of most of our phone calls at this time of the year “Help I have a wasp nest”! Callers may have seen a small ‘swarm’ […]

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Bee Swarm in Tree

Do you have a bee swarm?

14th May 2019

For more information or help with a bee swarm please the British Beekeepers Association website. Please note we are unable to help with bee swarms.

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Wasps and wasp nests

Wasp News

23rd April 2019

Lots of calls about wasps this morning after the beautiful sunny Easter weekend. It is far too early in the year at the moment for wasp nest treatments. See image for where we are at the moment in the wasp lifecycle. See also this informative article about wasps Generally we start to treat wasp […]

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Vermatech fly control units

Fly Control Units (also known as electric fly killers)

9th April 2019

Fly control units are part of any integrated pest management plan and are a requirement for delivering a service on any food or pharmaceutical site. The technology and quality of modern fly control units has come a long way.   We recommend and supply the Insect-a-Clear range of fly control units. No matter how much we […]

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