Fly Control

Flying insect control is integrated- for example using fly screens on open windows or fly screen doors and fly control units.

Vermatech will solve your flying insect problems, because we understand that they pose a serious threat to health, so it is imperative that every company takes responsibility to ensure adequate measures are taken to avoid any fly infestation within their premises. This is particularly vital in premises where food is prepared, packed or stored, whatever fly issue you have, we are your local pest control specialists.

The Food Safety Regulation 1995 (General Hygiene)

We supply and install a large range of made to measure fly screens, for both doors and windows for commercial properties. Insect screens are a very important component of any integrated pest management system.

Fly Control Units

Fly control units are employed to control the small number of flying insects that enter premises through open doors and windows, despite efficient screening and flying insect exclusion measures. Flying insects are attracted to the ultra-violet light emitted by the unit and are either trapped on an adhesive board, or killed by means of a high voltage electric charge. In certain situations a catch analysis can provide important information in regards to developing infestations, or the need for further proofing.


Telephone us on 01491 628 200  for a full supply and fitting fly screen service (commercial/school premises only), or for further information on our fly control services. Please note that we cannot offer a supply only service in relation to fly screens.

We sell a wide range of fly control units both electric grid and glueboard through our eshop at