Vermatech fly control units

Fly Control Units (also known as electric fly killers)

9th April 2019

Fly control units are part of any integrated pest management plan and are a requirement for delivering a service on any food or pharmaceutical site.

The technology and quality of modern fly control units has come a long way.   We recommend and supply the Insect-a-Clear range of fly control units.

No matter how much we advise our customers they require a certain type of fly control unit there will always be the customer which goes and buys a cheap catering supply unit.  They probably do a job in some situations but are not fit for purpose for most commercial sites.   They are mostly made of plastic which UV will break down in time, the catch trays are made of flimsy metal, not finished properly and can be unsafe due to risk of cuts, they are also unserviceable i.e. no replacement lamps available.    If we do come across these cheap units we recommend they are replaced with a good quality unit.

The Insect-a-Clear range is wide:-

  • Electric grid units
  • Glue board units
  • Discreet units
  • Ingress Protected Units

The type of fly control unit will depend on area to be covered, where they are to be positioned.  Electric grid machines should not be positioned over food preparation areas as food could be contaminated from fly parts.  Glue board machines should be used instead.

The position of the fly control unit should also enable easy servicing.

For our food sites we will also use fly control units to monitor and trend analysis to ensure there are no potential issues.

Fly control units should be serviced regularly.  UV lamps and starters should be replaced at least every 10,000 hours (every year),  glue boards should be changed regularly.

Please contact us on 01491 628200 if you would like to arrange a survey for quotation and advice on the best fly control unit(s) for your commercial site.

We also supply these fly control units and a wide range of replacement UV lamps for most models of fly control units through our eshop see

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