You can find our Material Safety Data Sheets (‘MSDS’) and Labels for products we may use. Click to view and download a PDF.

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Sakarat Bromabait          Sakarat Bromabait MSDS Mar 2018      Label Sakarat Bromabait 20kg

Talon Soft                          Talon Soft MSDS          Talon Soft Label

Ratimor Fresh (Pasta)     Ratimor Fresh Difenacoum MSDS        Ratimor Difenacoum Fresh Bait Label

Sakarat Brodikil                Sakarat Brodikill MSDS Feb 2017       Sakarat Brodikill 20kg Label

Talon Wax Blocks             Talon Wax Blocks Brodifacoum MSDS        Talon Wax Blocks Brodifacoum Label

Ratimor Bromadiolone Blocks   Ratimor Blocks Bromadiolone Wax Blocks MSDS        RATIMOR Bromadiolone blocks – Stewardship Label

Ratimor Brodifacoum Blocks     Ratimor Brodifacoum Wax Blocks MSDS         RATIMOR Brodifacoum blocks label

Contrac All Weather Blox        Contrac All Weather Blox MSDS     Contrac All Weather Blox Label



ULV 500       ULV 500 MSDS               ULV-500-Label

Ficam D       Ficam D MSDS           Ficam D Label

Ficam W       Ficam W MSDS         Ficam W Label

Goliath Gel     Goliath_Gel        Goliath Gel Label

Advion Cockroach Gel       Advion Cockroach gel bait MSDS         Advion Cockroach gel bait label

Formidor Ant Gel         Formidor Ant Gel MSDS               Formidor Ant Gel label

Killgerid          Killgerid MSDS            Killgerid Label

Fendona 6SC      Fendona 6 SC MSDS          Fendona 6 SC label

Cimetrol Super EW     Cimetrol Super EW MSDS            Cimetrol Super EW Label

Maxforce Quantum Ant Gel    Maxforce Quantum Ant bait MSDS           Maxforce Quantum Label

K-Orthrine WG 250    K-Othrine WG 250 MSDS               K-Othrine WG 250 label



Detex Blocks         Detex Non Toxic monitoring blocks