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Wasp nest

Wasp and hornet nest treatments from £60 (including VAT)

21st June 2017

Our wasp nest treatment price is £50 plus VAT (£60 including VAT), we make a small charge of £20 inc VAT for additional nests treated at the same time as the first.    NB if a wasp nest is very high and cannot be reached safely with our telescopic lances the treatment will be subject to […]

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Wasp Bee or Hornet

Identify – bee, wasp or hornet?

26th May 2017

Identify : is it a wasp, bee or a hornet? From the end of June onwards we start treating wasp and hornet nests.   Treatment price for wasp or hornet nests from £60 inc VAT, additional nests charged at £20 inc VAT each treated at the same time as the first nest, subject to survey. We […]

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wasp nest

Wasp nest treatments – end of Summer/Autumn

7th September 2016

Towards the end of summer wasp nests become dysfunctional as they go into decline. At this point we cannot guarantee our wasp nest treatments.   So if you know you have a wasp/hornet nest it is best always best to have it treated during July and August. Leaving it until the end of the Summer/Autumn may […]

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Wasp nest

Listen to a wasp nest crackling

6th September 2016

You will have to listen very carefully but this is a recording made against a ceiling with a wasp nest on the otherside.  It sounds like crackling but it is actually the wasps making their nest.  They chew up wood pulp (from fence panels, sheds etc) and then mix it with their saliva to make […]

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Bee Swarm in Tree

Do you have a bee swarm?

26th May 2015

For more information or help with a bee swarm please the British Beekeepers Association website.  Watch a video of a swarm of bees to confirm identity. Please note we are unable to help with bee swarms.

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